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Executive Secretary Continues Official Visits in Host Country

Beirut, Lebanon

UN Under-Secretary-General and ESCWA Executive Secretary Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim continued on 7-11 August 2017 his official visits to a number of officials in the host country, Lebanon. Hakim visited Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun on top of a delegation comprising ESCWA Deputy Executive Secretary for Program Support Khawla Mattar and ESCWA Chief, Security and Safety Section Said Jannoun.

The Executive Secretary also visited Minister of Social Affairs Pierre Bu Assi accompanied by ESCWA Chief of Population and Social Development Section Karima El Korri and Regional Advisor for Sustainable Development Adib Nehme; as well as Minister of the Displaced Talal Arslan with El Korri and ESCWA Regional Adviser for Emerging and Conflict Related Issues Karam Karam.

Al Hakim visited Minister of Energy and Water César Abi Khalil as well heading a delegation that included Director of Sustainable Development and Policies Division Roula Majdalani and Chief of Energy Section Radia Sedaoui.

The Executive Secretary discussed with the concerned officials cooperation between ESCWA and the ministries and institutions they head. He will continue his visits in the coming phase.