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ESCWA to Discuss Water-Energy Nexus on Wednesday


Tuesday, 26 June 2012 (ESCWA Communication and Information Unit)-- The water and energy sectors are both facing challenges related to climate change, energy security, increasing water scarcity, as well as issues associated with the population accessing each of these commodities. Due to this water-energy nexus, water and energy issues cannot be addressed separately when it comes to formulating strategies related to energy, water and the environment. In this context, ESCWA is jointly organizing a consultative intergovernmental meeting, with ESCWA Committee on Energy and Committee on Water Resources, on the “Water and Energy Nexus in the ESCWA Region”, on 27-28 June 2012 at the UN House, Beirut. The meeting, which was attended by representatives of intergovernmental committees on water and energy from each of ESCWA member countries, aims to stimulate thinking about issues related to the water-energy nexus, and identify priorities that require the study and attention from ESCWA member countries. Participants will also examine possible mechanisms and institutional arrangements to organize policy coordination and harmonization used in the energy and water sectors. Discussions will revolve around the existing dynamics of interrelationships between water and energy in the region; technical and policy options for considering a sustainable approach to water-energy nexus; and reinforcing the implementation of an integrated approach to evaluate feasibility analysis of future projects of water and energy resources. Opening statements on Wednesday 27 June will be delivered by Roula Majdalani, Director of ESCWA Sustainable Development and Productivity Division; Adel Yahya Al-Haddad, Chairman of the ESCWA Committee on Water Resources in its 9th session and Deputy Minister for Water Affairs in the Yemeni Ministry of Water and Environment; and Mustafa Ibrahim Khamis, Vice-Chairman of the ESCWA Committee on Energy in its 8th session and Deputy Minister for Local Authorities in the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Energy. Following the opening statements, an overview of the agenda will be given by Carole Chouchani, Chief of Water Resources Section in the ESCWA Sustainable Development and Productivity Division. An overview of the water-energy linkages in the region will be presented at the first session, while participants will discuss their perception on the regional mapping of water-energy linkages. The third session will tackle key regional and national issues related to water and energy sectors in ESCWA region and member countries.