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Committee on Water Resources Holds 10th Session, Discusses Regional Water Cooperation


In light of the challenges and obstacles confronting the Arab region in the area of integrated water resources management, and since the General Assembly of the United Nations has declared 2013 as the International Year for Water Cooperation, ESCWA convenes the 10th session of its Committee on Water Resources on 20-22 March under the theme “Regional Water Cooperation” at the UN House, Beirut. Participants will include representatives of ESCWA Member Countries, and from relevant international and regional organizations and institutions, and civil society organizations. Jordan shall assume the membership of the 10th Session of the Committee on Water Resources, succeeding Yemen, which assumed the chairmanship of the 9th Session according to the alphabetical order employed by the UN. This session aims at providing an intergovernmental forum to discuss these challenges, with a focus on regional approaches for addressing water supply and sanitation, climate change and shared water resources management. Discussions will also address the issue of regional cooperation in monitoring and reporting on water supply and sanitation, assessing climate change impact on water resources and managing shared water resources in the Arab region. Member Countries’ representatives will also review the progress achieved in implementing the recommendations made by the Committee at its 9th Session and work undertaken by ESCWA in the field of water resources under its programme of work since that session, in addition to ESCWA strategic framework for the biennium 2014-2015. The Committee on Water Resources was established pursuant to a resolution issued by ESCWA in 1995, which was later endorsed by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and that given the importance of the participation of ESCWA Member Countries in the planning, development and monitoring of ESCWA programme of work in the field of water resources. ESCWA Communication and Information Unit kindly asks media colleagues who wish to cover this session, to confirm their attendance on 03/910930 in order to facilitate their entrance to the UN House.