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Capacity–Building programme on Participatory Research Approach (PRA) in the UN-ESCWA region


The Social Policy and Participatory Development Team in the Social Development Division of UN-ESCWA prepared the regional Training Programme of the Participatory Research Approach/PRA Manual (under publishing), since one of the major reasons of social problems faced by Western Asia countries is the lack of institutional frameworks that are capable of mobilizing resources, coordinating development efforts and ensuring public-private participation in social policy formulation and implementation, in addition to the lack of accurate information on social problems that social policies strive to resolve.

The purpose of this publication is to provide technical knowledge and expertise in the social participatory research approach within the UN-ESCWA region, build capacities in managing and evaluating social participatory research, in addition to raising awareness on the importance of information and database needed to ensure proper and efficient social participatory research.
The Training programme lists in details the various steps, stages and processes of managing, implementing and evaluating PRA training workshops, with a view to empowering "end-users" to replicate similar programmes in other communities or in Western Asia region. This Training programme is published in collaboration with the Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations (AGFUND), Safadi Foundation and the Azm & Saadeh Association.