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Cairo to Host UN-ESCWA Preparatory Meeting


The Egyptian capital, Cairo, is to host a preparatory meeting for UN-ESCWA (UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia), on the “Establishment of a Technical Cooperation Knowledge Sharing Network”, organized by the Commission’s Programme Planning and Technical Cooperation Division (PPTCD), between 28 and 30 October at Hilton Ramses Hotel, Cairo. The meeting will be attended by focal points concerned with technical cooperation programs in member countries, as well as UN-ESCWA PPTCD experts and employees.

The meeting, which opens at 9.00 AM on Sunday, 28 October, aims at establishing a technical cooperation knowledge sharing network that would revitalize coordination and communication among member countries and UN-ESCWA. The network will constitute a platform for sharing experiences and opinions on advisory services, in addition to implementing training modules and field projects, and identifying the main objectives that best fulfill member countries’ needs, as well as directives that increase the efficiency of UN-ESCWA-organized technical cooperation programs. Furthermore, the network will help in enhancing experience and knowledge-sharing between concerned parties, which promotes established partnerships and creates new ones between national, regional and international parties.

The meeting will tackle advisory services provided by regional advisors, as well as training modules, and projects implemented between 2006 and 2007, in addition to the main programs and priorities for the coming phase. The agenda also includes discussing the technical cooperation strategy that UN-ESCWA drew up, alongside necessary administrative and technical procedures that member countries should follow in asking for advisory services. There will also be a lengthy discussion on the goals of the suggested technical cooperation network, its terms of reference, and its activities. It will include as well necessary recommendations to promote the role of the technical cooperation program, and service the member countries development activities.

The meeting comes further to Resolution 258 of UN-ESCWA 23rd Ministerial Session, held in Damascus, Syria, in May 2005. The resolution focuses on promoting technical cooperation in UN-ESCWA. The Ministerial session had said that UN-ESCWA would establish a technical cooperation network, to promote its role in providing technical services that help member countries in fulfilling the goals of their development activities, through the full coordination between the Commission on one hand and these countries, on all technical cooperation activities.

It is worth noting that technical cooperation activities complement UN-ESCWA activities in its substantive fields, which aim at promoting member countries capacities of fulfilling the goals of development activities in different fields, as well as empowering them to honor the commitments made in the recommendations of national, regional and international conferences. They include organizing training modules on priority subjects in member countries; offering technical advisory services that countries require; formulating and implementing extra-budgetary project; and exchanging successful experiences and expertise that member countries could benefit of.