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2017 International Women’s Day

Beirut, Lebanon

On the occasion of International Women’s Day marked by ESCWA on 6 March 2017, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf chose hope in spite of the brutish injustice in the region, or maybe because of it, as she noted.
Addressing an audience of politicians, diplomats, intellectuals and experts on human and women’s rights, Khalaf said: “We have seen millions of young people in our streets, half of whom were women (…) whose only weapon against batons and tanks was tenacious hope. They told their oppressors, both those who forged and imposed their restraints: We shall see our children. They will grow up, get married and have children. We shall see our women empowered, building alongside men prosperous nations resilient to any attempts against life.”
Keynote addresses for the occasion were also delivered by Lebanese State Minister for Women’s Affairs Jean Oghassapian and Lebanese Diva Majida El-Roumy, while ESCWA Deputy Executive Secretary Khawla Mattar read out the message of United Nations Secretary-General General António Guterres. The commemoration, which was presented by renowned Lebanese actress Takla Chamoun, was also marked by artistic performances by singer Umaima Al-Khalil, accompanied on the piano by musician Hani Siblini, and theatre writer and performer Raeda Taha who presented scenes directed by Lina Abyad.  Side events during the day included a roundtable in cooperation with UN Women, a handicrafts trade fair, an artwork exhibition by Katia Traboulsi in cooperation with Saleh Barakat Gallery, a movie screening entitled “6,7,8” and a tribute canvas.
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