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Workshop on Gender marker - ESCWA as a model

UN-House, Beirut
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ESCWA and UN-Women New York Office will hold a two-day workshop in Beirut, with regional commissions for peer exchange on gender marker in connection with SWAP implementation. ESCWA, having the potential to lead the rest of the Economic Commission and the entire UN Secretariat on the gender marker, will base the discussions on its own experiences in developing a gender marker outside UMOJA and later on to introduce it in UMOJA. The workshop aims at building the capacity of regional commissions to replicate ESCWA’s model. Moreover, the envisaged outcome is the formulation of a gender marker solution in Umoja for all regional Commissions. Two representatives will attend the workshop from each regional commission: the planning focal point as well as a gender or SWAP representative. The Planning focal point at ESCWA will showcase ideas with the other regional commissions for replication, which will position ESCWA as the lead agency in this area and will be cited as a best practice in the UN-Women compendium.