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Working Group of the Statistical Committee

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Background for a Regional Statistics Day
The Statistical Commission in its 29th session in 1997 had “expressed support for the holding of national and regional statistical days in those countries and regions that already held such days”, and had also “encouraged the holding of national statistical days in other countries that might wish to establish such days” (Report on the 29th session of the Statistical Commission, E/1997/24, paragraph 96(a)).
One hundred and two countries and areas have been celebrating a statistics day, week or month to raise the profile of official statistics. Seven of those are Arab countries in Africa celebrating the African Statistics Day led by the Economic Commission for Africa.  Two member countries, Egypt and Sudan are listed among those African countries celebrating this day. 
Furthermore, the Secretary-General will be proposing to organize a day of observance, the World Statistics Day, to celebrate the many achievements of Official Statistics around the globe. The report and its recommendation are based on a global consultation process, the outcome of which was an overwhelming endorsement for this initiative. Around 70 countries and international agencies voiced their support confirming that the time had come to organize such a special day and celebrate all the achievements of official statistics on a national, regional and global level. The Commission is invited to adopt 20 October 2010 as the first World Statistics Day and to request the United Nations Statistics Division and international agencies to support and promote national, regional or global events in observance of this day.
The Statistics Division at the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) would like to invite the member countries to support the above recommendation and discuss in broad lines some elements to guide the Commission in organizing this event properly and in due time
Member countries are invited to consider whether they would like to observe a day/week/month-long event.  In addition, members are to discuss type of activities that they would like the Commission to consider adopting for the region, such as speech, exhibition, award ceremony, advocacy materials (poster, pamphlets), etc.. and the approach should be  thematic  in each occasion.  Hosting the event may be on a rotation basis; this would provide a national event at the country level each time as well.
Least but not last ESCWA would like to propose holding this event back to back to other meetings for the Heads of NSOs:  such as the progress of societies and/or the statistical committee in 2010.