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Training Workshop on UNSCR 1325 and Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan
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ESCWA Centre for women is conducting a training workshop in the Sudan in the framework of the implementation of the programme and technical support provided by ESCWA to support national mechanisms for ESCWA member States. The workshop raises awareness on the importance of resolution 1325, and women and peace and security agenda. It trains the participants on the development of implementation plans for the resolution including the review of the draft national plan of action, for feedback.

The aim of this workshop is to support and build capacity with respect to Security Council resolution 1325 aiming at advancing women, involving them in different policy axes and supporting their political empowerment.

The workshop aims also to create a strong platform for women in Sudan in support of their careers through political work to actively participate in all political areas. The workshop discusses Women, Peace and Security agenda and links it to the sustainable development agenda. Moreover, the sessions discuss the Sudanese women plan and strategy, and ways to support it.

This workshop allows for the exchange of views to find new formulas to enable Sudanese women from advancing her participation in the political sphere and in the development of the country. It discusses also major gaps and challenges faced by women, and the foundations for gender equality and equity and the empowerment of women, progress in the implementation of the sustainable development agenda and its linkage to resolution 1325.

The workshop discusses as well as supporting strategy and action plans for the advancement of women in Sudan and ways of promoting gender equality and supporting women.