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Training of Trainers Workshop on Traffic Impact Studies of Commercial Buildings and Facilities in Palestinian Cities

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The Palestinian Ministry of Transport requested ESCWA to build the capacity of the Supreme Traffic Council in Palestine in implementing road safety management to improve the safety situation and traffic congestion of Palestinian roads and urban streets.

ESCWA and The Palestinian Ministry of Transport, jointly agreed to organize a Training of Trainers Workshop on the “traffic impact studies of commercial building and facilities in the Palestinian cities”. This is an urgent transport issue for Palestinian Ministry of Transport and the Palestinian municipalities, noting the quasi absence of local regulations and guidelines related to the subject.

Based on this training workshop, the Palestinian ministry of transport will suggest legislation amendment making traffic impact study of new commercial and service facilities mandatory. The trainees will later train local consultants on how to conduct these traffic impact studies.

2. Presentations

Session 1: Monday 30 November 2020

Session 2: Tuesday 1 December 2020

Session 3: Wednesday 2 December 2020

Session 4: Thursday 3 December 2020