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Training on Technology Transfer and Innovation to support Excellence and Innovation Units in Yemen

Amman, Jordan
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ESCWA Technology Center (ETC) will hold a training workshop on "Technology Transfer and Innovation to Support Excellence and Innovation Units for Academic Institutions in the Republic of Yemen" on 16-20 December 2018 in Amman, Jordan.

This workshop aims to building the basic capacities necessary for the various sectors concerned with creativity and innovation from researchers, research institutions and decision-makers in the Republic of Yemen to establish units that support technology and innovation, technological incubators as well as to guide them on how to benefit from the modern regional and international ecosystem supporting technology. The workshop will be attended by a number of researchers, academicians and managers of technological incubators from governmental and private institutions and universities, as well as representatives of the academic sector and decision-makers from the Yemeni Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

ETC will prepare and present training materials to meet the needs of science and technology centers and excellence and innovation units in the Yemeni academic institutions, in addition to organizing a number of study visits to a number of relevant government and private institutions in Jordan. The workshop will assist participants to apply the knowledge and experience gained from the workshop in the management of the excellence units. It will also enable the participants to support their students to transform their innovations into commercial projects that are eventually capable of competing in regional and international markets.

This workshop is part of the mission of the ETC to assist Member States and public and private institutions to acquire the tools and capacities needed to accelerate sustainable development, develop technological and scientific knowledge, and contribute to the transformation of member economies into economies based on scientific knowledge and technology, and to develop and manage national systems, to develop, transfer, adapt and apply technology, identify appropriate technology for the region, facilitate its development and improve the legal and commercial framework for technology transfer

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