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Tracking progress toward the implementation of energy related SDGs in the Arab region

Beirut, Lebanon

The EGM is organized under the strategic framework of UNESCWA on strengthening the capacity of Governments of the Member States on mainstreaming the energy-related SDGs and Paris Agreement into their national development plans.
 The EGM aims to:
1- Assist member countries monitor the development and implementation of sustainable energy efforts at the national level, taking into account the indicators required by the Statistics Committee of the United Nations in order to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).
2- Review the Arab regional profile developed by the UNESCWA as an integral part of the “Global Tracking Framework (GTF2017). This Report involving, for the first time, the UN-ESCWA to develop an Arab Regional profile on tracking progress in terms of energy access (EA), doubling the share of renewable energy (RE) and increasing the role of Energy efficiency (EE). 

The EGM shall thus provide inputs to the energy data discussions to support the review of the Arab Regional profile as an integrated part of the GTF2017 report and to bring the process and the findings of the GTF closer to national level energy policy makers and statisticians.