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Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Economic Statistics (TAGES) in the Arab region

Cairo, Egypt

The establishment a “Technical Advisory Group on Economic Statistics (TAGES”) has been recommended and approved during the eleventh session of the ESCWA statistical Committee. The objective the TAGES is to highlight the priority issues to be considered in formulating and implementing the regional programs for economic statistics in the region. The TAGES will provide guidance to on methodological and technical issues related to the development and periodic revision of the programmes on economic statistics and shall contribute to enhancing the coordination and the collaboration at national, regional and international level with a view to produce and disseminate timely core set of economic indicators needed for planning and monitoring in particular the 2030 development agenda and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Info note
Concept note

Organizations' Presentations

Core List of Economic Indicators 
ESCWA progress achieved in the field of economic statistics
SNA research agenda
Review of priorities for economic statistics and national accounts
Modernization of statistical production process
Development account programme on statistics and data: Economic pillar
ESCWA TAGES National Accounts
LAS Priorities Econ Stats (Arabic)
LAS Priorities NA (Arabic)
METAC CD FY2016-2017 Statistics
METAC Data Dissemination
UNSD 2008 SNA implementation
UNSD development account
UNSD Econ Stats Priorities-v1
UNSD modernization of statistical production

Country Papers

Bahrain Classifications
Iraq 2008 SNA implementation (Arabic)
Iraq National Accounts 2016 (Arabic)
Kuwait Economic Census (Arabic)
PCBS Classifications (Arabic)
PCBS Progress in NA (Arabic)
PCBS SDG and Economic Indicators
Tunisia Economic Statistics and SBR

Final report

Note: Additional documents in Arabic available on the Arabic page