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Stakeholders Coordination Meeting on the sub regional project "Participatory Human Development in Post-Conflict Countries"


The stakeholder analysis produced a strategic view of relevant stakeholders in the selected post-conflict countries, including line ministries, local authorities and civil society organizations, and identified all primary and secondary stakeholders who have a vested interest in the issues in which the project is concerned. In order to ensure timely and efficient selection of stakeholders, four national coordinators (NCs) were identified from each of the four targeted countries and were gathered in a one-day brainstorming meeting on 19 July 2009 to discuss modalities for undertaking the desk-analysis based on a well-defined questionnaire of candidacy, in addition to decide on the thematic areas to be tackled in the scheduled e-fora within the project. Brief reports reflecting setbacks and challenges faced while undertaking the analysis were produced by the NCs. In addition, a brief report (attached below) was produced to better reflect views and insights set forth by the appointed consultants in terms of the methodology adopted for the desk review and the stakeholder survey, as well as the thematic areas to be adopted in the electronic discussion fora.