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Series of Webinars on selected SDG Indicators for the Arab Region: ESCWA-World Bank-UN-Habitat-FAO SDG1.4.2 and SDG5.a.1

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The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN ESCWA ), in collaboration with UN Agencies, custodians of SDG indicators, is organizing a series of webinars  on selected SDG indicators that are less produced in the Arab region to create a common understanding among data producers on how to collect, measure and disseminate SDG indicators to increase data production and enhance national data flow to policy makers, other users and custodian agencies. 

The main objectives of the regional training are: 

  • Enhancing understanding of metadata.
  • Improving statistical capacities to invigorate production and use of comparable SDG indicators.
  • Strengthening inter-institutional coordination to invigorate production of SDG indicators and data flow.
  • Sharing and discussing country challenges in measuring SDG indicators