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Second Consultative Meeting on Food Security Assessment and Monitoring in the Arab Region

Beirut, Lebanon

Among its many objectives, the project on “Promoting Food and Water Security through Cooperation and Capacity Development in the Arab Region” aims at the development of an institutionalized national and regional monitoring mechanism through an overall assessment of existing national food security policies and strategies in each Arab country. A comparative analysis of these policies will follow in order to establish an enhanced regional food security monitoring system that is tailored according to regional specificities and responds to current and projected priority concerns of the Arab region. The framework will place food security monitoring system based on specific and relevant indicators to the Arab region.  
In this context, ESCWA is organizing the “Second Consultative Meeting on Food Security Assessment and Monitoring in the Arab Region” to further discuss the methodology and the final proposed set of indicators, in preparation for the dissemination of the proposed framework to Arab countries and its discussion and adoption at the level of the League of Arab States through ESCWA’s strategic partner; the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development.
During the meeting, participating experts are expected to discuss their views with respect to the proposed indicators and monitoring framework, and the used methodology.
Specifically, the meeting aims to:

  •  Present the progress made in the general framework for food security monitoring at the national and the regional levels;
  • Link the proposed regional food security monitoring system with 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at national and the regional levels.
Meeting Details