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Regional Visions for Implementing the 2030 Agenda and SDGs

Nairobi, Kenya
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The side event will provide an overview of the regional visions for implementing the 2030 Agenda and SDGs in West Asia, Asia Pacific, and North America. It will highlight how different regions with very different context all engage and address the goals, and how some regions have, building on outcomes of an intensive regional consultation processes in the development of the SDGs, considered their priorities, implementation strategies and accountability frameworks, and are now moving forward with implementing the SDGs.  Through a moderated discussion it is hoped to draw out synergies and opportunities for experience exchange amongst these different regions in support of innovation in the implementation of the SDGs.

The event is co-organized by the League of Arab States, the United Nations Environment Programme and the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia on the sidelines of the 2nd United Nations Environment Assembly meeting.

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