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Regional Expert Meeting on "National Digital Development Reviews - Review of Methodology and Guiding Template"


Within the framework of the project on advancing digital cooperation and development Arab States Action Programme, ESCWA is organizing the Regional Expert Meeting on “National Digital Development Reviews – Review of the Methodology and Guiding Template”, via internet. The meeting will gather the Arab countries that participated in the first round of the National Digital Development Reviews (NDDRs) for 2019 and countries wishing to participate in the 2021 round.
The meeting aims to examine the lessons learned and proposals from the digests of ten research interviews that ESCWA conducted with the 10 Arab countries that participated in the first NDDRs round (Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Mauritania, Oman, State of Palestine, the Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates), for enhanced NDDRs methodology, process and tools and to improve the NDDRs content and impact and invest on them for developing digital policies and future action plans for accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and stimulating digital transformation for sustainable and inclusive economic and social development at the national and regional levels.
The meeting revolves around the following tracks: NDDRs process and methodology, guiding template and accompanying tools, and roadmap to launch the next NDDRs round for 2020-2021.
The last track will focus on new ideas and parallel NDDRs course of actions, including a composite Maturity Digital Development index, and the creation of a parallel (or alternative) near to real time compendium or smart observatory for updated data and periodic country digital development reviews. Additionally, this track will look into the development of national digital development agendas (NDDAs) in accordance with countries’ priorities, partnership and technical cooperation with ESCWA to draw NDDA components for countries wishing to do so and build their capacity in this area.
The outcome of the meeting will serve to finalize the NDDRs methodology, framework and manual, which will be presented and adopted during a dedicated regional meeting planned to take place in January 2021 to launch the process of the second round of NDDRs for 2021.