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Promotion of South-South Cooperation in Technology Transfer


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division of ESCWA, including the ESCWA Technology Centre (ETC) is organizing an Expert Group Meeting on Promotion of South-South Cooperation in Technology Transfer, during 25-26 October 2011. The meeting will be hosted by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon (FCCIAL), and will be held at the Chamber of Beirut, CCIABML building, Sanayeh, Justinien Street, Beirut, Lebanon. The meeting covers the areas of manufacturing, construction, technological innovation, and technology for education.

The main objective of the meeting is to discuss priority areas of cooperation in technology transfer with the biggest impact for collaboration, share best practices for cooperation with successful technology transfer case studies in the thematic areas for the meeting, and set the stage for a collaboration framework with multi owners for critical technology development, management, maintenance, and services.
The meeting will cover the following topics:
(a)  International/regional organizations perspective on South-South cooperation;
(b)  ETC priorities and collaboration framework;
(c)  Follow-up to the previous meeting (Amman, 20-21 April 2011) that addressed the themes of water, energy, agriculture, and information communication.
(d)  Technology transfer in the thematic areas of manufacturing industry, construction industry, technological innovation, and technology for education;
(e)  Case-studies reflecting successful practices and cooperation mechanisms in the thematic areas of the meeting.
The main outcome of the meeting will be a collaboration framework on technology transfer covering the identified areas of priority.  The collaboration framework will be illustrated with best practices and lessons learnt.
Participants in the meeting include experts in the technology transfer business modelling and mechanisms and in the thematic focus areas of the meeting, as well as stakeholders from the financial institutions, and public officials who are responsible for formulating or implementing sectoral policies and strategies.
Invited participants should register for the meeting before Wednesday 21 September 2011. Participants could propose substantive contributions to the meeting and should send an abstract with the registration form; and upon approval, should submit the contribution one week before the meeting date. Both English and Arabic will be used during the meeting. Participants are expected to be proficient in English as there will not be simultaneous translation.
Submissions and inquiries should be addressed to:
Dr. Fouad Mrad, Executive Director of ESCWA Technology Centre, El Hassan Science City, PO Box 1438 Al-Jubaiha 11941, Amman, Jordan, T +962-6-5344701, F +962-6-5341092, Email:,
Ms. Zahr Bou-Ghanem, Research Assistant, ICT Policies, ICT Division, ESCWA, PO Box 11-8575, Beirut, Lebanon, T +961-1-978510, F +961-1-981510, Email: