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Strengthening Private Sector Resilience under Conflict: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward

Beirut, Lebanon

ESCWA's Unit for Emerging and Conflict related Issues (ECRI) is organizing, in partnership with the Lebanese Economic Association (LEA) and the consultancy firm Marker Global, a regional meeting on "Strengthening Private Sector Resilience under Conflict: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward", from 11-12 November 2008, in Beirut.

Development of the private sector continues to be an important policy tool for enhancing socioeconomic development due to its essential role in generating income and creating jobs. Moreover, the role of the private sector as a means to mitigate the impact of conflict on socio-economic development as well as an effective tool for peace building have become increasingly under scrutiny.
The meeting aims to review the key role of the private sector in development and employment generation, and examine effective national and regional interventions that would increase as well as support support private sector resilience in adverse environments.
Regional and international experts on private sector and conflict issues, and representatives of the public and the private sectors concerned with business development policies in countries in the region will participate in the meeting.
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