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Empowerment, Inclusiveness and Equality as Pathways to Peace and Sustainable Development in the Arab region

Beirut, Lebanon

Increasing evidence shows that policies that are not grounded in the principles of inclusiveness, empowerment and equality can have harmful impacts on the communities and exacerbate tensions and conflict. The meeting will aim to unpack the principles of inclusiveness, empowerment and equality, how they relate to sustainable development and peace building in conflict settings. A core aspect of the meeting will examine ways to operationalize inclusiveness, empowerment and equality, and how these principles serve to mitigate the impact of conflict, build the resilience of communities and chart a pathway to peace.  The meeting will unpack global and regional lessons learned where strengthened empowerment, inclusiveness, and equality succeeded in supporting transitions to peace, including promoting inclusive societies. The meeting will also serve as a platform to strengthen academic networks and generate greater connections between research and development interventions that serve peace and the attainment of the SDGs.