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Develop a Specific Institutional Gaps Assessment Methodology and Tools for Workforce Planning in Palestine (POSTPONED)

Amman, Jordan
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This workshop will present and develop further the proposed tools and methodology by the workforce planning team with ESCWA experts and several relevant ministries and government institutions; The workshop will aim at building consensus among the participants on the various stages of the workforce planning process and the requirements of each stage, and the capabilities required; and building conceptual consensus among the team members in a way to apply the institutional gaps assessment methodology; to agree on and adopt the final contextualized gaps assessment tools and methodology; advance a good governance system for the workforce planning process, based on clear and understandable criteria by all stakeholders, and on including the planning and budget teams with the workforce planning team to reach a participatory and integrated planning process.

The targeted audience is the team, at the level of each ministry or public institution, involved in strategic workforce planning. The workshop will identify additional number of civil servants to be trainers and to be able to conduct the institutional gaps assessment methodology inside other institutions.