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Job Competencies Development for Palestinian Public Servants

Amman, Jordan (Kempinski Hotel)
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The objective of the workshop is of two folds:

  • To offer technical support that will be provided to the Palestinian General Personal Council during these critical times where the Palestinian Authority is reunifying their administrative structures between West Bank and Gaza;
  • To encourage and support the formation of a sub-regional network of Councils, Centers, Bureaus of public administration reform and human resource development. The network will be geared towards encouraging the development of public administration and the formation of a sub-regional pool of expertise and knowledge sharing.

The Expected Accomplishment:

  • To have a deep knowledge about additional job competencies that should be added to job description;
  • To assist senior public servants, responsible of administrative reform and human resources development, to translate the shared knowledge into training manual and practical orientations, and to put into use in their institutions and services;
  • To learn from the experiences of regional institutions, and to develop a sub-regional pool of expertise, knowledge sharing, and training.