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Negotiations on Bilateral Investment Treaties

Riyad, Saudi Arabia
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In collaboration with the Ministry of Public Authority for Investment in Saudi Arabia, ESCWA held a National Workshop on negotiations on bilateral investment treaties during the period 28 April-02 May 2012. The aim of this workshop was to define foreign direct investment and elements of legal and non-legal climate, review essential concepts in the field of international conventions and the way to conclude them (negotiation, signature, ratification, entry into effect, areas of application, effects of the parties concerned), definition of domestic legislation or rules for investment, international multilateral conventions or of international character and bilateral and regional agreements, investment contracts and its basic problems, judicial guarantees: local justice, international justice and arbitration, the concept of investment and the concept of investor. The workshop also dealt with the study of the content and some elements of the bilateral investment agreements concluded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The workshop also addressed the principles of fair and equitable treatment, expropriation in terms of theoretical and practical aspects, in addition to cases of non-compliance or exceptions in the transaction
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