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National Workshop on the Toolkit for Mainstreaming Social Justice Principles in Development Plans and Policies Processes in Sudan

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ESCWA organized a virtual workshop on the Toolkit for mainstreaming social justice principles in development plans and policies processes, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development in Sudan, on 8 – 9 March 2021.
The workshop is one of a series of capacity building activities that ESCWA is organizing in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development in Sudan, on issues of social justice, equality, participatory social protection policies, participation in democratic governance and youth participation.
The workshop contributed to meeting a number of objectives related to the toolkit including:

  1. Improving knowledge on the concept and approach of social justice and discussing the role of the State and national stakeholders in operationalizing this approach;
  2. Enhancing knowledge on the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and its linkages with achieving social justice;
  3. Strengthening government capacities in integrating the concepts of social justice in select development policies such as social protection, food security, investment, and taxation with a special focus on Sudan;
  4. Learning about participatory techniques and models that can be adopted when designing, implementing, and reviewing public policies, to ensure building consensus around social justice policy choices;
  5. Creating a basis for networking between the workshop participants and sharing local experiences and expertise on the topics addressed by the toolkit.
The workshop gathered a large number of government officials who are experts in planning, research, and in the design and implementation of public policies and programs, representing the Ministry of Social Development as well as other Ministries and government institutions  in Sudan concerned with the toolkit topics. The workshop was facilitated by experts from ESCWA and from 2 other regional and international organizations working on development issues. At the end of the workshop, the participants issued a number of suggestions and recommendations on how to maximize the benefits of the toolkit and promote the understanding of social justice principles at the national level.

All related documents and presentations can be found on the Arabic link of the webpage.