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National Consultative Workshops on the Implementation of Beijing +25

Beirut, Lebanon
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On 8 and 14 May 2019, ESCWA Centre for Women held two consultative workshops in Beirut, with the National Commission for the Lebanese Women (NCLW), on the National Review on the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action after 25 years (BPFA+25) in Lebanon. The meetings brought together ESCWA experts and members of the NCLW drafting committee to discuss Lebanon’s draft report on the implementation of the BPFA+25, and identify relevant sources of information and data. The discussions helped improve the report’s content and accelerate its submission.
This technical assistance is part of ESCWA's efforts to support Arab States in the preparations for national reviews on the progress made in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action twenty-five years after its adoption, with a view to preparing the unified regional report for the Arab region, which will be developed by ESCWA in partnership with the UN-Women and the League of Arab States, and presented during the Commission on the Status of Women at its sixty-fourth session in March 2020.