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Mechanisms to Advance Innovation for Inclusive Sustainable Development in the Arab Region

Beirut, Lebanon

The main objective of the Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on Mechanisms to Advance Innovation for Inclusive Sustainable Development in the Arab Region was to actively identify and discuss the strategic options and mechanisms that are useful for bridging gaps in the innovation arena in the Arab region in order to advance innovation for inclusive sustainable development. The EGM highlighted the roles of various stakeholders in these mechanisms and promoted collaborative efforts for improving innovation activities within the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

The EGM examined the outcomes of studies by ESCWA that identify innovation gaps and challenges in the Arab region. It also featured case studies from the Arab region and worldwide to draw on the experiences and lessons learned in overcoming or addressing those gaps. 


"The background studies, contributions, interventions and deliberations at the EGM provided various value-added elements to our cumulative knowledge that we shared, discussed and reviewed, in seminars with our colleagues and in the various national STI institutional bodies that we regularly participate in.  This comes at a time of urgent need for a renewed drive at promoting STI based national development in a country emerging from the ravages of a devastating war and conflict, facing unique and compounded challenges that require appropriate and timely application of STI programs, projects, initiatives and solutions both for the short-term (reconstruction phase), and for the long-term (renewed growth and development phase). These will constitute a broad and extensive agenda that will certainly tax the resources of all national public and private institutions involved in STI, and will require judicious planning, programming, financing, resource allocation and support at many levels".  Mr. Amr Armanazi, General Director of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center.
2. Opening Session
2.1 ESCWA welcoming remarks
2.2 H.E. Nicolas Nahhas, Former Minister of Economy and Trade, Lebanon
9. Session VI: Panel Discussion: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Success stories and challenges
9.2 Crowdfunding disrupting innovation in the Arab world
9.5 Wixel Studios and Spica Twins
9.6 Catch the wheel of technology
9.7 Starting up MAP: the first Peace Journalism NGO in Lebanon & MENA region