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Knowledge Sharing and Networking in the ESCWA Region

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The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA) is organizing this Workshop within the framework of the Development Account project on "Knowledge networks through ICT access points for disadvantaged communities," which is being implemented by the United Nations Regional Commissions with UN-ESCWA as the lead organization on its implementation.  The main objective of this project is to empower disadvantaged communities by transforming selected ICT access points/telecentres into networked knowledge hubs.  Project activities that have already taken place include:  (a) Review and assessment of ICT access points; (b) Development of a detailed implementation plan; (c) Selection of ICT access points and planning project activities; (d) Preparation of regional and global strategies on the transformation and networking process; and (e) Preliminary design for the creation and implementation of a knowledge network portal.

 Workshop targets key staff of the ICT access points/telecentres, selected for the pilot phase of the transformation and networking process, and it aims to familiarize them with the process for transforming these centres into networked knowledge hubs.  Pertinent training sessions seeks to prepare the staff for the transformation and networking process and to maximize the chances of success of the project.

 Workshop presentations, discussions and training include the following topics:

§          ESCWA regional strategy for networked knowledge hubs;

§          Global strategy and how it links with the regional strategy;

§          Plan of action for the implementation of the regional strategy;

§          Tools and mechanisms for the transformation of telecentres into networked knowledge hubs;

§          Public relations and marketing;

§          Creation, maintenance and administration of Web sites and electronic discussion forums;

§          Knowledge management concepts including data collection, mining, creation and dissemination;

§          Knowledge network portal for the project.

 The three-day Workshop will be held during the period 17-19 December 2008 at the UN-House, Riad el-Solh Square, Beirut, Lebanon, and is expected to development a plan of action for implementing the regional strategy, and enhance the participants' management and marketing skills and knowledge management capabilities.