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Inter-agency and Expert Group Meeting on Gender and the Millennium Development Goals in the Arab Region


Session I: Gender statistics: Past, present and future
Engendering Statistics: An Overview of Accomplishments
 Millennium Development Goals and Women’s Empowerment
 Gender Statistics in Jordan
 Development of Gender Statistics in the Sultante of Oman -- Presentation
 Gender Statistics in Palestine - Presentation
 Gender Statistics - Sudan
 Tunisian Experience in Mainstreaming Gender in Development Policies and Plans
 Development of Gender Statistics in Yemen -- Presentation
 National Report on the Development of Gender Statistics in Egypt -- Presentation
 Session II: Data requirements for measuring progress on gender issues
 Gender and the Millennium Development Goals: ESCWA Literature Review Background Document -- Presentation
 Proposed Gender Issues and Gender Sensitive Indicators
 Gender, Health and MDGs
 The Human/Women's Rights Imperatives for the MDGs
 Gender lens for quantitative and qualitative indicators: Towards engendered MDGs in AS
 Gender Indicators in the Arab Region
 Gender Equality and Labour Market Indicators in the Arab States
 Assessment of Data Availability of Gender Indicators in MDGs
 Data Availability: Gaps, Challenges and Strategies
 Session III: Data sources and methodologies
 Data Sources and Methodologies -- Presentation
 Gender Statistics in Morocco from a User-Producer Perspective
 Data Sources for Gender Statistics and Indicators in the United Arab Emirates
 Source of Gender Statistics
 Session IV: Enhancing capacities for gender-responsive monitoring and reporting and opportunities for future cooperation
 Engendering Statistical Systems in Egypt
 Improving Data Availability
 Improving Gender Sensitive Data Production and Use in African Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
 Availability and Quality of Gender Statistics
 Mainstreaming Gender in Policy
 Gender Statistics from a Public Policy Perspective -- Presentation
 AWO GIS Project
 UNECE Programme on Gender Statistics
 Improving Gender Statistics: World Bank Plan of Action