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Implementing Institutional Gaps Assessment Methodology in Iraq (at Al-Hamdania district and Nineveh Governorate): Phase II

Beirut, Lebanon (UN House)
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This workshop will build on the outcomes of the previous “Workshop on evaluating the capacity of Iraqi institutions in project implementation and coordination among governmental and non-governmental organizations”, which was held in Beirut - ESCWA, between 4-6 December 2018, attended by 24 Iraqi senior civil servants. The first workshop assessed the institutional capacities in the health, education and labor sectors in addition to the municipal institution in Al-Hamdania district (Nineveh governorate) to meet the challenges of reconstruction and reintegration of IDPs. The main recommendations were: (1) to tackle the institutional gaps assessment at the district and governorate levels; and (2) select trainers from among the participants for future training of trainers (TOT).

This workshop will review the outcome of the assessment methodology based on the amended questionnaire, and the challenges and priorities that emerged in the deliberations of the first workshop; It will incorporate the Governorate institutions in the Gaps Assessment Process for a more accurate evaluation; It will evaluate the process that led to the Al-Hamdania district’s strategic plan of 2019-2020, against the strategic plans developed at the Governorate level and at the Federal level with the objective of reviewing actual coordination and complementarity among the different governance levels; and select trainers from among the participants to train them later in applying the institutional gaps assessment methodology in the Al-Anbar and Saladin governorates.