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Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees in Iraq and the Requirements of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030

Beirut, Lebanon
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This workshop comes in a timely manner to respond to the previous request submitted by the Iraqi government to UN-ESCWA on addressing the crisis of IDPs, and it will involve the entire relevant stakeholders from different ministries in Iraq who are working on the crisis response plan.

This workshop aims to look at the manifold causes and response mechanisms set for internal displacement in Iraq by drawing up on the SDG 16 of the 2030 framework by: 

  • Understanding the different challenges and obstacles inherent to the refugee crisis, and assessing the requirements and conditions for an effective crisis response plan;
  • Anticipating solutions and proposing  recommendations to insure an effective integration mechanism  for IDPs  in the hosting communities and to work on creating enabling conditions for their return to their original communities when possible
  • Integrating a durable refugee crisis response plan into the Iraqi national sustainable development strategy; 
  • Following up on the development of a monitoring and evaluating plan for the national sustainable development strategy