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Fourth Review of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing in Arab Countries

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ESCWA launched the process of the Fourth Review of Madrid International Plan of Action by organizing, on 8 April 2021, a capacity building workshop on preparing national review reports, with the participation of ageing focal points from 14 Arab countries.
The workshop aimed at reviewing the draft guiding template prepared by ESCWA to assist countries in preparing their national review reports. Participants also discussed initial preparations and ideas and expected challenges and agreed on the time frame for the review process. 
This workshop is the first among a series of activities planned to follow up on the progress made in preparing national reports and to provide technical assistance to member states in this respect. The activities will culminate in the preparation of the regional report on the results of the fourth review.
MIPAA was adopted by the Second World Assembly on Ageing in 2002, with the aim of building an inclusive society for all ages. The implementation of the action plan is reviewed every five years with the aim of monitoring progress, surveying the state of older persons, and identifying emerging priorities. Regional commissions are entrusted with the task of facilitating the review process at the regional level, by consolidating the results of the national reviews in a regional report that contributes to the SG report submitted to the Commission on Social Development in its regular session.