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Expert Group Meeting on the Role of ICT in Socio-Economic Development


In an increasingly connected world, ICTs are playing a major role in enabling change.  Globalization has altered the landscape of trade, employment, communication and many other areas.  Social change is no exception to this trend.  This effect can be clearly seen in the recent turmoil in the Arab region, in which governments, economies and social mores have changed in ways which have drawn the attention of the world.  Because ICT use correlates with many of these developments, and in some cases may cause such changes, understanding the role of ICT in socio-economic development in the Arab region is of great importance.

The Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on the Role of ICT in Socio-Economic Development examines the role which ICTs are playing in selected, high-impact sectors, such as governance, economic competitiveness, social relationships, and education. The EGM focuses on the required actions needed to enhance the impact of ICT on socio-economic development, in such a way to catalyze positive change in the development challenges in the region. Several themes have been identified for this EGM such as the role of ICT in sustainable development, which has been increasingly acknowledged by a variety of stakeholders, including governments, the private sector and civil society, the socio-economic impact of e-services, the role of social media, and the increasing relevance of mobile technologies.

The EGM covers an upcoming ESCWA study on the “Impact of Selected e-Services on Socio-Economic Development” and provides a platform for sharing experiences and best practices of the participants, as well as discussing further steps which ESCWA should take in promoting the uses of ICT in the recommended high-impact thematic areas.

Participants in the meeting include experts from leading international and regional organizations, professionals from government ministries and institutions, academia, NGOs, and experts from the private sector in the Arab region who have been involved in high-impact ICT applications and services.

For further details, please refer to meeting’s documents or contact:

Dr. Nibal Idlebi, Chief of ICT Applications Section, ICT Division, ESCWA, T: 961-1-981301, ext. 1540, F: 961-1-981510, email:


Ms. Hania Dimassi, Research Assistant, ICT Applications Section, ICT Division, ESCWA, T: 961-1-981301, ext. 1546, F: 961-1-981510, email:

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