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Poverty Measurement


Despite International and regional efforts, poverty still remains a global problem. Poor people often lack adequate food and shelter, education and health, deprivations that keep them from leading the kind of life that everyone values. They also face extreme vulnerability to ill health, economic dislocation, and natural disasters.

           Good quality of poverty statistics are needed to meet the demands of the political system and to satisfy the information needs of planners and policy makers. In addition to that, poverty statistics are crucial for the formulation and implementation of adequate poverty alleviation programs.
ESCWA member countries are facing difficulties in collecting data and calculating poverty prevalence rates that accurately reflect the state of poverty in the region. Knowledge on concepts and definitions on compilation of poverty statistics in accordance with international standards need to be upgraded in the ESCWA member countries.

In the context of improving poverty measurement in the ESCWA Region, ESCWA Statistics Division is organizing an Expert Group Meeting on Poverty Measurement at the UN-House in Beirut during the period 28 - 29 April 2009.