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Enhancing Integrated National Development Planning in the Arab Region: National Workshop

Tunis, Tunisia
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ESCWA is organizing a national workshop for Tunisia as part of the activities of the Development Account Project “Towards the Arab Horizon 2030: Enhancing Integrated National Development Planning in the Arab Region”.
A vital part of the national workshop is to consolidate information on the structure and institutional set-up of the planning process, as well as the challenges and gaps across the different stages of planning for increasing the effective implementation of the national development plan. A second objective is to build the capacity of stakeholders on key substantive topics, including regulatory reforms and budgeting.
This workshop is geared towards building the capacity, engaging and familiarizing Tunisian stakeholders from Ministries of Planning, Ministries of Economy, Industry, Trade, Education and Health, Housing, and all Ministries directly or indirectly engaged in the process of development planning on different techniques and methodologies that promote integrated planning in the country. Other relevant stakeholders include Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the private sector, to the extent of their involvement in the national development planning process. The workshop also aims to identify the strengths and challenges of the Tunisia planning process along the different the stages of planning (Planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation) also taking into consideration best practices from countries in the region throughout the development of a national vision 2030.
The specific purpose of this national workshop for Tunisia is to:
  • review and elicit enabling conditions of the national development planning throughout the different phases (e.g. drafting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation);
  • provide introductory capacity-building on regulatory reforms and national development budgeting capacity building program;
  • share the experience, lessons learned and best practices, from other countries in the Arab region throughout the development of the a national and integrative vision 2030.
    The workshop format includes working groups to reflect on the development-planning status quo, to distill key actions to improve as well as to identify key substantive levers and decision-influencers, which will inform the effectiveness of future planning process.