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Enhancement of the Networking Capacities of Knowledge Hubs

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Launched in mid- 2006, the United Nations Development Account project entitled "Knowledge Networks through ICT Access Points for Disadvantaged Communities" is currently in its final stages of implementation. Led by ESCWA and co- jointly managed with the other UN Regional Commissions, its main objective is to empower disadvantaged communities by transforming selected ICT access points/ telecentres into networked knowledge hubs. By providing, developing, organizing, sharing and disseminating knowledge in areas of sustainable development that include employment, education, gender and health, the project will improve the living standards of the targeted communities.
Past project activities have included: (a) The review and assessment of ICT access points; (b) The development of a detailed implementation plan; (c) The selection of ICT access points and planning project activities; (d) The preparation of regional and global strategies on the transformation and networking process; (e) The design and implementation of a knowledge network portal; and (f) Workshops aiming at sharing knowledge and building the capacities of telecentre managers.

The next planned activity, subject of this information note, is the " Workshop on the Enhancement of the Networking Capacities of Knowledge Hubs. " Scheduled to take place in Cairo between 16 and 18 February 2010, it is being organized in collaboration with the Egyptian telecentre/ NGO that is participating in the project, namely the Charitable Society for Child Care.