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Eighth Scientific Agricultural Conference (ESAC-2018)

Karak, Jordan

The Eighth Scientific Agricultural Conference (ESAC-2018) entitled "Agricultural Challenges and Sustainable Development" will be organized by the Faculty of Agriculture at Mutah University, Karak, Jordan during the period 15-17 October 2018. This conference will be conducted in cooperation with ETC, the Agricultural Faculties at the Jordanian Universities, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, and Ministry of Water and Irrigation and FAO.

The main objectives of the ESAC 2018 conference are to provide a forum for deep discussion of the challenges and new trends in fields of agriculture, water, food and environment, to bring together professionals, academics, and farmers who are specialist in the fields of agriculture, water, food and environment, and finally to establish a better cooperation among researchers in the universities, research institutions and specialists in these fields at local, regional and international levels.

ETC and ICARDA are organizing a dedicated session on “Technology and Innovation for Agricultural Development”. The main objective of this session is to exchange views of regional and international experts on how to use technology as one of the means of implementation of SDGS to develop a sustainable agricultural sector in the region. The session will provide a podium to discuss pathways in which green technology can be used to reduce hunger, enhance prosperity in a region that is characterized by ongoing conflicts and wars. Furthermore, the session will provide the experts and academicians the opportunity to discuss the prospect of using technology and innovation to develop further the agricultural sector, alleviate poverty and achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the region. 

The session will also support networking of regional professionals working on technology and agriculture to ensure complementarity and coordination.