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Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Science/Technology Parks for Sustainable Development

Amman, Jordan

Encouraging entrepreneurship is considered an effective opportunity to address unemployment, economic empowerment and sustainable socio-economic development, especially among the youth and women. The development of entrepreneurship was accelerated and advanced by the technological developments that offer novel alternatives to performing services and developing products, more efficiently and competitively. The innovation ecosystem ensures that people receive the necessary support for the development, implementation and commercialization of their ideas.
During the meeting participants: 
  • Discussed solutions to bridge the gaps in the national innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems of the Arab region. The focus was on technopreneurs and their role in addressing SDGs and the connection to Science Technology Parks.
  • Explored regional and global cooperation and networking opportunities among the players in the innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem wit a view to establish of a regional network of Science Technology Parks (STP).
  • Discussed the challenges, needs and expectations of SME owners to consider in the development of content for and  the functionalities of the ESCWA SME Digital Enabling Portal.

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