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EGM on Inclusive Social Development in the Arab Region


The Social Development Division at ESCWA is organizing an Expert Group Meeting on Inclusive Social Development in the Arab Region, at the UN House, in Beirut, during 4-5 November 2014.

The meeting will review the contents, concepts and information embodied in an upcoming ESCWA report on inclusive social development, which addresses various aspects of the challenges of social exclusion, marginalization, inequality, equity, and poverty alleviation currently facing the region. It will also address existing policies and experiences on social inclusion in the region, and identify some of the major development gaps, focusing on the right to development and the areas in need of government attention.

Presentations of country experiences and best practices will address the following key issues:

  • Challenges to provide decent work opportunities and effective policies implemented in selected member countries;
  • Policies and programmes to expand the social security and protection umbrella to include key vulnerable groups;
  • Measures and policies adopted to ensure access to quality education, information and health care services to all;
  • Social policies and programmes to ensure access to land and decent housing;
  • Social and cultural means to ensure social cohesion and curb social exclusion and marginalization;
  • The way forward: Towards a social inclusion agenda in the Arab region.