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Implementing Agenda 2030: Economic Governance and National Development Planning in the Arab Region

Tunis, Tunisia

In the Arab region addressing the need for sustainable economic growth, employment creation, financial stability and sound public finances in the region ranks in priority behind politics and the resolution of political conflicts. The emphasis of the expert group meeting is on shifting the perspective and explore conducive conditions for good national development planning, since positive socio-economic developments and sound economic governance are crucial for prevention as well as resolution of political conflicts
The objectives of the meeting include, for example:
  1. To provide an opportunity for regional exchange among national development planning experts on lessons learned and challenges from recent development planning exercises;
  2. To revisit current planning processes that affect the implementation of Agenda 2030 (e.g. national development planning by the government vis-a-vis national development under the UN assistance frameworks) and associated challenges;
  3. To review goals under Agenda 2030 as guiding parameters for a tailored regional development agenda;
  4. To compile lessons learned to inform upcoming national development planning efforts and the design of effective partnerships at the national, the regional and the international level.