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Consultative Workshop on the Planning for Undertaking the Population and Housing Census Using Technology in the Kingdom of Morocco

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Population and housing censuses are one of the most complex and costly statistical operations due to the involvement of a huge number of field workers, requiring a long time for preparation and post-enumeration activities. Therefore, there is a continuous effort for using alternative approaches and technologies for efficient use of resources to improve data quality and timeliness of census results while considering increasing costs of carrying out the census.
In this context, the High Commissioner for Planning in the Kingdom of Morocco plans to implement the 2024 census based on a new vision that requires the integration of multiple improvements and the use of modern technology in various methodological and organizational aspects. It should be noted that over the course of previous censuses, High Commissioner for Planning followed up with the various methodological and organizational recommendations made by international bodies, especially the United Nations Statistical Committee and the Statistics Division, and worked on keeping pace with and adopting technological progress to develop various aspects related to this process from one census to another, especially the 2004 and 2014 censuses. The technology used during these two censuses had a great impact on the implementation of several tasks, especially with regard to the planning stage, during which the necessary information is provided to overcome all potential difficulties and thus develop plans and solutions to contain them in a manner that ensures the implementation of the census according to the schedule set for it, in addition to its great role during the stages of field data’s compilation, monitoring, use and dissemination.
In this context and in line with its efforts in the area of population and housing censuses, the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), in cooperation with the UNFPA Country Office in Morocco and the High Commissioner for Planning in the Kingdom of Morocco, is organizing a Consultative Workshop on the Planning for Undertaking the Population and Housing Census Using Technology in the Kingdom of Morocco.​

The workshop will aim to achieve the following goals:
1. Presentation of the experiences of countries that conducted a population and housing census using tablets and geospatial technologies during the preparation and completion stages;
2. Addressing the technical and logistical difficulties and problems encountered by the countries that used tablets during the various stages of the census and the measures that were taken to address them, as well as the lessons learned;
3. Determining the infrastructure needed to conduct the census;
4. Determining the training needs required for all the teams participating in the census process, including the cartographic work team, the geographic information systems team, and the team assigned to prepare the methodological and organizational approach to the census.

Meeting Details


Day 1:

Opening session

Session 1

  • Conducting censuses using technology, geographic information systems, and various census methodologies (Arabic)

Session 2

  • Adoption of conducting censuses using technology: determinants and merits (Arabic)

  • Decision-making for adopting censuses using technology: Egypt’s intervention (Arabic)

Session 3

  • Systems for planning and conducting the census using technology (Arabic)

  • Planning and conducting a census using technology: the training module (Arabic)

Day 2:

Session 4

  • Use of Geospatial Information Technologies in support of the Census

Session 5

  • The role of geographic information systems in Jordan’s Population and Housing Census 2015 (Arabic)

  • Using geographic information systems in the 2017 census in Egypt (Arabic)

  • Using maps and geographic information systems in the various stages of the Population, Housing and Establishments Census 2017: the experience of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (Arabic)

Day 3:

Session 6

  • Quality assurance framework and challenges faced when using technology (Arabic)

  • Training field workers in the 2017 census: the experience of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (Arabic)

  • Using technology for census quality control: the experience of Jordan (Arabic)

Closing session