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SME Digital Enabling Portal for the Arab Region (DEPAR)

Beirut, Lebanon

ESCWA organized a consultative meeting on SME Digital Enabling Portal in the Arab region (DEPAR) to identify the main content and functionalities of the portal. Relevant stakeholders and government entities explained the challenges facing SMEs and presented national experiences and programmes. ESCWA gave an overview of the SME Digital Enabling Platform. Participants assessed the content and provided technical and supportive proposals for SMEs.
The participants concluded with several messages and recommendations about the platform, including:
  •  The platform promotes Arab regional integration, provides data at the regional level and collects them in a unified place
  • Linking ideas, entrepreneurs and SMEs, and simultaneously supporting e-platforms at national and local levels
  • The participation of stakeholders in supporting the platform will form the cornerstone of the enrichment and sustainability of the platform, thereby providing ongoing support to SMEs at the regional level.
  • Participants also recommended a set of technical advice on the development and further improvement of the platform
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