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Challenges of Reform: Institutional Development in Post-Conflict Libya

Beirut, Lebanon

ESCWA convened an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) to discuss, with senior and renowned Libyan experts, the current situation in Libya, institutional and socio-economic development issues as well as the necessary preparatory steps to guarantees local ownership and effectiveness.

The EGM focused on the challenges facing institutional and socio-economic development in Libya, the long term impact of conflict on the life cycle in the country as well as practical policy responses in the immediate period after the cessation of combat. Participants at the EGM discussed elements such as reconciliation, reintegration, and development process to prevent conflict relapse and launch the recovery and state building/institutional reform process.

The EGM concluded with a series of recommendations related to the opportunities and challenges for state-building and institutional development in Libya with participants stressing on the need to identify the priorities for state building to ensure the development of a socio-economic plan that reflects the political and socio-economic aspects in the country.