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Capacity Development Workshop on Methods to Cost Violence Against Women

Beirut, Lebanon
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Capitalizing on the importance of costing VAW and the momentum that ESCWA has created in this area, ESCWA  in partnership with Westminster Foundation and the Coalition of Women MPs from Arab Countries to Combat VAW, held a two-day advanced capacity development workshop on 27-28 March 2019 at the Gefinor Rotana Hotel in Beirut.

This workshop, which aimed to develop a better understanding among participants on the methods of costing violence against women, focused specifically on three dimensions: (1) out of pocket cost; (2) cost of services; and (3) responsive budgeting.

It also created a platform for participants to discuss the approach to cost VAW, and which dimension a country should focus on, which relates to several factors including availability of data. The workshop also highlighted the differences between the various costing methodologies, such as the accounting model and econometric methods; and the willingness to pay…etc.

The workshop brought together participants from national women machineries and national statistics bureaus in seven Arab countries, namely: Palestine; Iraq; Qatar; Kuwait; Lebanon; Jordan and Morocco.

Presentations in Arabic can be found on the Arabic link of the webpage.