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Localized Big Data Applications for Supporting Decision-Making

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ESCWA has organized this virtual session on Friday 18 December 2020, at 12.00-14.00 CET (or 13.00-15.00 Beirut time) as part of the ITU Emerging Technologies for Development Week dedicated for the Arab and African regions.

The immense growth in networked devices has led to an exponential concurrent growth in collected data.  Big data has been acknowledged for the last decade as a new technology field which, with the help of data science, provides policymakers with insights relevant to planning and decision-making.  The impact and benefits of big data on the various sectors are still progressing and have been demonstrated in a few cities worldwide.

ESCWA has been working on big data applications to explore and analyse their potential to affirm new insights, confirm estimates and support decision making, and the webinar brings together speakers who will address thematic areas of special importance for the Arab region, and per the below Agenda.

Agenda (from 12.00 CET or 13.00 Beirut time, for two hours)

Welcome remarks by Mr Fouad Mrad, UNESCWA
Session Moderator:  Mr Bassel AlAyoubi, Director General of the Ministry of Telecommunication in Lebanon
(a)   Mr Ziad Abdallah, Central Administration of Statistics in Lebanon: Development challenges of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
(b)   Mr Fouad Mrad, UNESCWA: Monitoring the effectiveness of COVID-19 related policies in Lebanon and Jordan.
(c)   Mr Yarob Badr, UNESCWA: The use of Big Data to assess the effects of covid19 on the Arab Transport