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Near East and North Africa Land and Water Days 2019

Cairo, Egypt
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The Land and Water Days 2019 are organized by the FAO Regional Office for Near East and North Africa, in collaboration with partner organizations at global, regional and country levels to address water scarcity and land degradation, concerning sustainable agriculture, food security and food systems, and to analyse causes of failure and lessons. 

 The conference will address key challenges to and solutions for sustainable land and water management for food security in five thematic areas:

  • Pathways to sustainable scarce-water-resources management
  • Halting land degradation
  • Land and Water Governance to achieve the SDGs in fragile systems
  • Impacts of climate change on regional development and prospects for increased resilience
  • Scaling-up investments in water for agriculture

The Land and Water Days will culminate in a Joint Meeting of Ministers of Agriculture and Water Resources convened at the League of Arab States on 4 April 2019 in collaboration with FAO, ESCWA and AOAD. Mininsters will be invited to discuss and agree on key priorities to mainstream and institutionalize a regional mechanism to sustain the coordination and coherence between water and agriculture policies to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and beyond. 

The meeting key outcome is a joint declaration (Cairo Declaration 2019) paving the road to institutionalize the coordination mechanism between the water and agriculture sectors, with a roadmap for follow up and monitoring progress. Additionally, the Ministers will endorse a directive approach for innovative financing mechanisms that allow for achieving integrated planning and implementation of inter-sectoral programs.

More detailed information on the conference is avavilable on the following website :