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Regional Meeting for the Computation of Preliminary PPP Results

Istanbul, Turkey
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Given the important uses of purchasing power parities (PPPs) in the formulation of economic policies and in monitoring Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Western Asia has been working towards the regular production of PPPs by constructing a continuous annual PPP time series and establishing the International Comparison Program (ICP) as a permanent element within the regular statistical work programs, an initiative which has granted the region a leading position within the global ICP community. The 2016 regional round for PPP production falls within Western Asia’s strategy for continuous PPP production as it aims to produce PPPs for 2014, 2015 and 2016.
The meeting was attended by participants from the 12 ESCWA member states and included the below sessions:
-Presentation of preliminary PPPs and Price Level Indices (PLIs) at the GDP and other aggregate levels;
-Comparative analysis of nominal and real expenditure per capita at the levels of the GDP and the Individual Consumption Expenditure by Household;
-Assessment of country shares of nominal and real GDP per Capita for 2016;
-Interpretation of PPPs and PLIs for 2014-2015-2016;
-Temporal analysis of PLI changes between 2014 and 2016 at the GDP and other levels;
-Detailed comparison of exchange rates and PPPs for main GDP aggregates in all countries;
-Comparison and examination of the evolution of nominal and real GDP per capita over the years for each country;
-Assessment of the regional PPP time series covering the period 2011-2016 with graphs showing PPP and PLI trends during this period;
-Global validation through a comparative example of Western Asia and OECD results by the World Bank representative;
-Presentation of the latest uses of PPPs and ICP data in reports, research papers, media and academic articles;
-Registration of country representatives to the e-learning course developed by the ICP Global Unit at the World Bank.

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