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Expert Meeting Strategy Plan For National Center for Research & Development at the Higher Council for Science & Technology - Jordan

Amman, Jordan

The National Center for Research and Development (NCRD) was established in the Higher Council for Science & Technology (HCST) in 2010, in Amman – Jordan, with the objective of building research capabilities in the areas of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Water, Food, Energy, Badia Research, and others.
The Center’s planned activities were proposed as such:
-Identify and coordinate the national activities and capabilities, and develop research topics in academic institutions, scientific centers and the establishment of information database for this purpose.
-Support applied scientific research; promote invention and innovation in the Center's fields of work.
-Encourage the establishment of productive companies, based on research and development outputs which the center performs.
-Develop human resources in the field of research and development in cooperation with experts, scientists, centers, establishments, agencies and relevant domestic, regional and international organizations.
-Establish research networks between Jordanian researchers and their counterparts outside Jordan in fields that fall within the scope of work of the Center.
A 5 year Strategic Plan for NCRD is prepared to define the priorities, and related action plan, with sustainable required funding.
The main objective of this meeting is to highlight the proposed NCRD strategy and positioning in light of contemporary national relevant strategies, and solicit feedback from all related stakeholders