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5th UN Global Road Safety Week: Leadership for Safer Mobility in Cities

Beirut, Lebanon
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Within the framework of the 5h UN Global Road Safety week 2019, a workshop was organized by ESCWA and YASA on traffic safety in the cities. The workshop was attended by Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Youssef Fenianos as well as the Director General of Oil, Ms Aurore Feghali.
The activity consisted of a definition of road safety and transport plan, as well as an open discussion.
Discussions urged road safety activists to persevere to achieve fruitful results, and that progress in road safety depends on the cooperation of all. Discussions also stressed the role of ESCWA in developing the overall framework of strategies and policies, interlinked with non-profit organizations to achieve better road safety.
The workshop included interactive talk about experiences, opinions and discussions on how to improve road safety to reduce traffic accidents and reduce traffic congestion.