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Technical Committee, 5th Meeting


The Fifth Meeting of the Technical Committee will be held from 6-7 April 2011 at the United Nations House in Beirut, pursuant to the decision of the Commission at its twenty fourth session (May 2006) to establish a Technical Committee comprised of Senior Officials from member counties. The Technical Committee meets regularly at the Headquarters of ESCWA and aims at enhancing interaction and close consultation between member countries and the secretariat on socioeconomic development issues of relevance to the work of ESCWA.

The meeting will tackle key issues related to the future work of ESCWA such as the results of the evaluation of the intergovernmental mechanism of ESCWA and its subsidiary bodies, and the proposed programme of work for the biennium 2012-2013. The meeting shall also address salient regional and global priorities such as good governance during conflict and the associated crises, the regional preparations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20), in addition to the main activities carried out in the past months.
With the aim of enhancing and promoting the exchange of experience and information between the secretariat and member countries, and in order to benefit from and disseminate successful practices, and improve the services provided by ESCWA to member countries and implement activities commensurate with their development needs, member counties will present their views on the work of ESCWA focusing on strengths and weaknesses and offering suggestions for enhancing performance. In line with the request of member counties during the fourth meeting of the Technical Committee and in order to facilitate the preparation of their views and focus their reports, the secretariat prepared a guide for the perusal of member countries.